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Welcome to the Sixth Grade Center

Counselor's Corner!

Counselor - Ms. Holly Thompson (e-mail)


I’ll never forget a group of students last year who had some important things to say about grades.  They were in my office and we were talking about anxiety over grades.  When I asked how they feel if they get a “bad” grade, two students immediately jumped in with,

"Mrs. Jackson always says it's NOT about the grade, it's about the learning!" 

If you were to step inside Mrs. Jackson’s room, you’d see this written on the wall and on a cabinet, and you’d hear her saying it many times to our students.

Our mission here in Sand Springs is to create lifelong learners.  To do this, I believe we must focus on learning – not on grades.  When students are engaged in learning, the grades take care of themselves.  On the other hand, if students do schoolwork for the grade, it often translates into “get it done as quickly as possible to get it over with.”

It’s easy to get caught up in focusing on grades, but that can decrease students’ motivation and their interest in learning.  I’m a huge fan of Alfie Kohn and he explains why in this interview with Oprah Winfrey. 



I’d like to invite you to join us in giving our attention to learning.  Plus, it’s so much more interesting to hear what our children are learning about in Social Studies, what lab they did in Science, or book they’re reading in Literature, than what grade they earned on a test.  What we emphasize or pay attention to speaks volumes to our children.